What follows is a simple list of the rules of Iced Earth.

1.) Always be polite and courteous to others in and outside of the guild.  If you are part of Iced Earth you are representing the guild.  This means trolling trade channel and/or wow forums.  This also includes how you act in other peoples raids and dungeons.

2.) Members who want to raid or are raiding must follow all raid rules which can be found here: Raid Rules.

3.) Officers are available to arrange raids/events and keep Iced Earth a fun and interesting guild to belong to.  If you have any issues within the guild, we suggest that you speak to one of them.   However, being hostile towards a guildmate for no discernible reason will have serious consequences.

4.)  Excessive swearing and/or arguing in guild or discord chat is not allowed.  (This rule is no longer as observed as much as it used to be, though try to be courteous of those in guild or voice chat that are sensitive to such things.)

5.)  While we don't generally mind if someone is intoxicated, if it causes problems the intoxicated person could be kicked from Discord or even guild.  Generally try to keep it around a few beers or drinks if you intend on being in Discord.  Raid rules are slightly different on this topic so we urge you to read them if you intend on raiding.

6.)  The guild bank is there for guild use as a whole, not personal use.  Deposit and withdraw items wisely as we keep a close eye on it.  If you tend to use a lot of stuff from the guild bank, make sure your donating to it as well.  (Also make sure the items you are donating are going to be useful to someone.  If you are unsure, ask an officer.)

7.)  Remember that, in general, no one in the guild owes you anything.  If you want help with running dungeons, doing quests, or other things...make sure you are willing to return that help in the future.  Don't leave your guild hanging out to dry, if someone needs help and you are not doing anything, give them a hand once in a while.

8.)  If someone asks a question or asks for some help in guild.  Respond.  Even if its just to say that you dont know or can't help them at the moment, let them know you at least saw the question and you're not ignoring them.  Obviously if you are in the middle of something and can't respond, such as a boss, raid or kiting half a zone of mobs, it can wait.

9.)  If you are having any problems in guild or raid, please talk to an officer.  If we don't know there is a problem, we can't fix the problem.  Don't be shy, we will always help if we can.  Communication is key to keeping our guild and raid team healthy.


Update 5/1/2017